I have spent the last few evenings honing up on my GPS points for St Croix. I think I am ready to see how they work in two weeks. If anyone wants a copy of 178 island points of interest then drop me an email. You can load them in your GPS too.

This year we have a high definition video camera so expect some clear video, can't say the content will be any better.

Packing has begun and yellow boys made the cut for the 17th time. Only once did my favorite yellow swim trucks stay home and I regretted it. Then the favorite tee shirts, flip flops and toilet articles. I always wear sneakers as my only "hard shoes" for hiking or more formal island events. Plus it saves space having the big boats on my feet instead of taking up packing space. Then I'll roll up 3 or four shorts and a few casual Hawaiian silk shirts. Next is all electronic stuff like PC, iPod, camera, gadgets that go in my pack pack/cooler. That's about it. Oh...underwear.

I think I can get most everything in a carry on but I will check a bag anyway of nonessentials like stinky cheese, snacks, etc. Then on the trip back I'll fill my portion with cigarettes, rum, and hot sauce. No I'm not taking up smoking but I have friends that do and cigarettes are so cheap down there. I have several friends hooked on Miss Anna's hot sauce and I am in my reserves now. Rum is $6 a liter there and the same rum here is $13 a fifth.


Coffeypot said...

Sounds like a place I need to be badly. Enjoy the trip and give the yellow boys a workout in the sea.

Ken said...

I really do want to see a picture of you this week, sitting by your door all packed and READY to go.

terri said...

You're packing two weeks ahead of time. I love it. Any time we go anywhere, my husband packs about 10 minutes ahead of time. Makes me crazy.

I can't wait to see videos of this year's trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time! omigosh. What a great vacation you have on deck! Packing is part of the fun!