Thinking Ahead

Honestly? I am getting used to this cold weather. I don't like it but I'm making due with heavy layers of clothing.

In four weeks I'm in St Croix home of 83 degrees in winter. And as you would expect I have started planning and mentally packing.

It looks like a scuba dive will be in store this trip. I have scuba dived twice. I am not certified but do the introductory discovery dive which allows me to dive to 40 feet and stay underwater for an hour. That is enough to get my jollies. The thought of diving much deeper conjures up panic knowing I couldn't surface immediately if something went wrong.

We will be watching the Super Bowl from down there. This year we plan to "tailgate" from the villa and watch the game there. And yes they have TV and cable and broadcast the game. One can even watch Tyra Banks every day from down there.

I have had a few fat moths invade my closet over the winter. You know those little fluttering insects that nibble on marginally fitting clothing and render them too tight? Little bastards. So I need to double check what fits and push away from the table. Damn winter.


Kuckie said...

We're headed to Disney in just a few weeks and though it is colder there than usual, we figure it has to be warmer than where we are!! :)

St. Croix sounds good too...maybe someday I'll get there!!

Ken said...

I keep trying to think ahead to when all the snow in my yard finally melts but this morning it's snowing again and sticking to the driveway.

Lickety Splitter said...

I think some of your fat moth cousins made a pit stop at my house. The nerve! I hate uninvited guests!

Judy said...

Yes, I know all about fat moths.

Coffeypot said...

St Croix...83 there such a place? All I see is frozen snow and ice and 30 or less degrees.

terri said...

I need to go someplace warm. I'm sure it would help me cope better with the winter months too.