Vacation Please

Yesterday was kind of poor pitiful me in the morning. I sincerely have difficulty with these dog days of winter keeping a bright and spirited outlook.

I decided that instead of sitting around moping that I would try a few mini projects to keep my mind off of my seemingly dismal outlook.

I cleaned out a big portion of my closet. Mostly summer stuff that I haven't worn in a few seasons. Then I cleaned off the deck and cleaned one of the gas grills. Then I let out the horses and cleaned up back at the barn a bit. Then I tackled "my chair".

I spend a great deal of time in my chair. This space is clearly mine with limitations. Gigi will not let me have a recliner of my choice. The rest of the house is Gigi's and I am able to share.

At my chair I have a makeshift desk which is a board with my notebook computer and all sorts of papers Gigi tosses there. To the right side is an ugly green magazine rack full of useless stuff. In front of it is a multi plug that all my electronic crap plugs into at night along with a backup drive, iPhone charger, a makeshift sound system that I plug into my PC to listen to iTunes.

Under and behind my chair is loads of crap that I don't use.

So yesterday I threw out most of that crap.

You know what? All that activity didn't have a positive effect on me. But I have cleaner spaces.

Vacation cannot come too soon.


Ken said...

I wish I had mini projects. I'm still stuck in the maxi mode.

Coffeypot said...

"Gigi will not let me have a recliner of my choice."

Every man needs his on's in the man manual.

So stand up to her. What are you a man or a mouse...come on squeek up.

I stand up to my wife all the time...because she lets me.

terri said...

Mark and I have our own recliners. They are matching chairs and I picked them out. That might explain why he doesn't spend much time in his. I, on the other hand, like you, spend lots of time in my recliner happily passing the time with my laptop and hiding out from the winter.

Rock Chef said...

I have a 2 seat sofa that I often have to share with one of the kids...

Roll on vacation time! I have already started dreaming about camping again!

Teresa said...

a chair? wow...I just realized I don't sit much...