Time to Buck Up

I know, I need to buck up and shut up but look at this weather tomorrow:

9 am 24°F
Feels Like 13°F

12 pm 32°F
Feels Like 22°F

3 pm 36°F
Feels Like 27°F

Going to be some cold tailgating. I can't wait.


Coffeypot said...

I'll tailgate in the den, thank you very much.

Chris said...

Have the grills cranked on high.
Huddle up with Bash, and drink lots of Bourbon.
Good luck, and go Panthers/Broncos!

Rock Chef said...

We had the grill out on Christmas Eve - great fun, huddled in sleeping bags on the patio!

Ken said...

Doesn't this stuff make you wonder why we live so far north?