I know couples that live for years as if they are married and I said, "Why don't you go ahead and get married?" They said, "Why should I?"

I know a couple that live for years as if they are divorced and I said, "Why don't you go ahead and get a divorce?" He said, "Why should I?"

Last night I was watching The Science Channel about a river that runs a few weeks in Antarctica. The water looked so pure and good. I wondered how long it had been in the frozen bondage.

I woke up in the middle of the night thirsty and drank some water only to wonder who and how many people had drunk this water before me.

Is the Obama administration going to implode on their own in less than a year? It is way to early to be so blatant about campaign promises being broken and treating the American people like they are children for believing them.


Ken said...

I would prefer that they, and him personally "explode" with a vengence, on the system. Pound his fist on the podium, grit his teeth, glare in the eyes of all who are trying to topple him and put all the bullshit, on the table. With all the troops "out there in harms way" (I've always hated that phrase), and all the other threats, why are there so many fricken idiots with wads of money stuck up their ass fighting a petty bullshit battle against the president here on the home front? Why not help fight enemies?

Sorry for the rant, I think we should all try to help.

This makes me think of a union job, one that will benifit everybody in the end...you got an electrition at the top of a 12' ladder, he drops a screwdriver while holding a delicate piece in place over his head. A machinist, a carpenter and a sheet metal worker on the floor all start yelling at the electrition. "Don't you know how to hold a screwdriver? God your such and idiot etc. etc. etc. The electrition pleads,"can someone please hand me up that screwdriver?" They all stand at the bottom of the ladder looking up with their arms folded across their chest shaking their heads...no.

TerryC said...

Hmmm. No politics on this blog....riiiiight.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The comment wasn't a political opinion, just an observation about my President comparing what he said vs what he has done and the three most recent instances where he was called out on this.

CSPAN 2 days ago asked congress that all the sessions that they normally broadcast allowed to be broadcasted. The recent healthcare sessions were closed to CSPAN.

The White House Press secretary would not answer to the press why these sessions were secretive when they had promised specifically open and transparent government specifically regarding the health care bill.

When asked the same questions Nancy Pelosi mocked and laughed at the press and the American people.

All this in 24 hours.

Now this is opinion....I have waited 21 years for a good President and I am afraid I may have to wait longer.

Ken said...

But it's petty Wreggie. Not one, of any elected official can keep all the promises to all the people he or she makes, to get elected.

By the way, none of my rant was directed at you, just at all the ones standing there with their arms folded across their chests saying no.

Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking about the whole water thing...I trust filtration, I trust filtration, I trust filtration.

matshorts said...

It's always the same with anyone elected. Doesn't matter which side, left or right. It's always a good marketing plan to get into office.

Rock Chef said...

I hate it when couples argue all the time, especially in front of the kids. They should get a divorce!

The administration? I will not tell you my full theory about the current President - I don't want to be able to say "I told you so..."

Teresa said...

Obama scares the crap out of me.