Regional Cooling

It is no secret that we are experiencing regional cooling. This in fact is a winter that has been like no other going back to the 70's or maybe 60's. This cold run has been sustained with no relief in sight.

Gone is the time I live in winter denial and dash between a heated car to a heated building. Today I would freeze my ass off.

I have a new found respect for my friends to the north that deal with this seasonal misery every year. Just to empty the garbage I must layer up, put on a hat and gloves with proper footwear before making the 200 yard walk. Then all the layers and coats must be peeled away and stored again. This is a real pain but it beats being cold or exposure.

Sunday I came home from the game heavily layered with clothes smell of wood smoke, stale food and spilled adult beverages. I peeled off the clothes into a large pile. Enough for a laundry load. Our laundry has tripled.

Thank God I didn't play by the rule the anti clutter freaks that say, "If you haven't used it in a year, throw it away". Some of these clothes and sweaters I'm wearing this year haven't been worn literally in 5 years or more. Our winters are bearable here temperature wise, still depressing otherwise.

So we have dealt so far with a broken furnace, a frozen well house, crunchy frozen dirt underfoot, slow starting cars, grouchy horses, and constant bone chilling coldness.

54 seconds a day we are heading to the promised land of spring. You'll have to excuse me in 31 days while I duck out of winter and head to St Croix for some sun and warmth.


Rock Chef said...

All part of Climate Change - did you see The Day After Tomorrow? That was something of an exaggeration, but the idea seems right!

Roll on Summer! After we have a bit more of that lovely snow, of course!

terri said...

As I left my car and headed for the office this morning, I realized, depressingly, that we have at least another 90 days of cold, frozen misery. I hate it.

Thinking about how to escape to Arizona for a few days at some point...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri....when I land it will equivalent to May days and June nights. Low to mid 80's during the day and low 70's at night. There will be flowers blooming and warm humid air making them wave in the wind. There will be tall grass. I will wear shorts again and flip flops if only for a week.

Coffeypot said...

It is so cold in Atlanta, the penguins at the zoo are wearing down jackets.

I leave tomorrow for a driving trip to NY. I am soooo looking forward to it.

Ken said...

You got any big suitcases I can fit in? I'll pay the extra fee.