What Were They Thinking?

Yesterday I had lunch at a local British Pub. I got a black bean burger. What was I thinking? While it left me with entertainment for the rest of the day for sure I am not so sure it was the correct food choice for a work day.

My friend god fish and chips. The fish was big as Shaquille O'Neal's foot. He ate it all. What was he thinking?

Upon return to the office my friend dashes to the mens room and onto his favorite stall. He busts in on an unlocked stall with a guy doing his business while texting on a Blackberry. What was he thinking? Lock the door dude...and flag that Blackberry.


Ken said...
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Ken said...

Good job!

You have everybody speechless.

terri said...

None of this is all that shocking to me, except the guy texting while using the bathroom. Eeew!