2 for 1 Blog Monday

Good news keeps pouring in. I may get my hands on the coveted Amos N Andy Hot dog chili recipe.  This has been one of my lifelong ambitions….be able to make perfect hot dog chili like I used to get at Amos N Andy in Durham.

One step closer to the Hot Dog Cart…..

The picture reminded me of something my father told me. Back in Durham we all drank Pepsi because it was a North Carolina pharmacist in New Bern that invested it.

Coke was the creation of a pharmacist in Atlanta, GA.

My grand father was a pharmacist and my father told me we could have been rich. He said his father was working on a drink and stopped at 6Up. Then he gave up the idea.

The next guy came along and invented 7Up.

The moral of the story was never give up.   

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Ken said...

...to stop in to get a hot dog after getting your haircut.

Love the picture!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

My dad and I would go there if we were downtown like at Sears buying grass seed or some other big city business doings.

We'd order 2 all the way with a big bottle of Pepsi. Dad used to wipe off the rim because the cap was steel and cork and often left behind a ring of rust on the bottle top.

The shop was long a narrow and always busy.

Unknown said...

When I was a kid we used to make the rounds to the gas stations and ask the attendant to give us the caps that collected in the Coke or Pepsi machines. Then we would separate the cork from the cap with our pocket knives and hold the cork under our T shirts with our thumbs and then push the cap onto the Tshirt-covered cork, so that the cap would then be attatched to the shirt. The idea was to cmpletely cover the front of the shirt with as many different caps as one could, ultimately using the entire shirt.

And we did.

BTW, you can't say "Amos 'n' Andy" on the Public Internets anymore.