Two Jobs with no Government Help

A few days ago I saw this posted by reader Phfrankie on another blog regarding jobs:

“No one is entitled to a job. One does not have a right to a job. You need a job? Don't look for anyone to give you one. MAKE your own job. BE the job.”

Last week I downloaded the free Xcode which is the developer code for writing apps for the iPhone and iPad.

I like a challenge and I like to code. Maybe a St Croix app is in the works?   

I am a software developer and will make an app. Maybe I can sell it and make $. Who knows, but I am willing to invest my time and learn. Cause I know folks are buying apps like pan cakes.

Gigi is schedule for her surgery again on the 26. Yesterday while in a pre-op office visit I noticed the pattern in the floor. Someone designed that and got paid for designing it.

Physician floor pattern designer. 

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Rock Chef said...

Good luck with the app design - I am sure you will do something great!

Ken said...

I am job. Hear me roar!