Bits and Pieces

Well sports fans it’s the home opener here this Sunday against The Green Bay Packers. The weather is going to be perfect with temperatures around 70 and partly cloudy skies.  

We have a good size crowd coming to tailgate. This will be fun and I expect a good game.

Today Gigi and I go and pick up our 3rd renewal of our concealed carry permits. Ten years of packing heat and ain’t shot anyone yet.

And now for a musical interlude….

Oh what the heck....

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Unknown said...

I'll take one loaf of that noisy Weber's bread, please.

Rock Chef said...

Brilliant - we never get to see those ads over here - just a blip and back to the show.

I also liked the Waco Kid in Blazing saddles:

Well, my name's Jim. But most people call me... Jim

Ken said...

Adios Amigos!

terri said...

They just don't make music like that anymore.