I like one blood sport and that is boxing. I mean traditional prize fighting, old school boxing, glitz and glamour, with a touch of gangsters and the mob, all culminating in a sudden concussion.

Yes I like this…..especially a title fight on HBO at some Vegas casino.

I have my heroes too like old school Mohammed Ali, George Forman, Ray Mancini, and the more recent crop of fighter super stars like Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya.

All of these guys were journeyman fighters who became masters in their field and I respect that.  

I personally like to have a good time too. But one of these guys crossed the line recently and got caught in a “David Carradine” moment all complete with diamond panty hose and body stocking so I’m going to have to publically withdraw my hero worship.

Oscar….what were you thinking?     

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Rock Chef said...

I remember watching the classic fights as a kid - Ali was great to watch.

For me, the big money has spoilt the sport. All of the big fights are on pay per view - that is around £15 to watch what might be a 3 minute fight? No, I don't like it that much!

Ken said...

Oscar might look good in a moo moo.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I prefer bullfighting.