International Bacon Day

International bacon day came and passed as usual without a hitch. I was really worried with 9/11 so close.

What I ended up doing is watching Appalachian State get thrashed by Virginia tech, and it had to be the longest football game ever. I watched the first half with friends at a sports bar and the second half back home on my newly set up HD dish.

Now the rest of this post is kind of technical and uses big word like telemetry and gymnasium, but try and hang in there if you will.

For years I have carried a satellite dish on the road when traveling in the RV. Back in the day, I would point my dish to one satellite (101) and I could bring in digital tv with all the channels I subscribed to back home.

Later when we upgraded to TIVI and then a DVR it became necessary to upgrade the dish and install another line in the RV to accommodate the extra feed. Pointing was still easy and fast.

Now I have 100% HDTV back home so it became necessary to upgrade so I could point at five satellites at once.

All the equipment came in last week, a new dish, new LMB, new multi-switch, an amplifier, all in separate boxes. I assembled this at home to install at another location.

When it came time to put it all together I realized that the mast the dish was to be mounted on was a half inch too small. It was an inch and a half and I needed a two inch pole.

This was as embarrassing as launching the first Hubble telescope with bad lens. I mean all this effort and upgrade cost to be stopped by a simple but essential mast.

Without being able to find a substitute, I went to the Home Depot plumbing department and began to MacGyver a solution.

I came away with a modification that worked well and I was able to add my mighty dish to the antenna farm and watch ASU get their ass whipping in HD.

I am so thankful for a brain and opposable thumbs.....and International Bacon Day.


Ken said...

Dude! You must be exhausted.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

You can't say "two inch pole" on the Public Internets.

terri said...

I read that twice and did not find the word "gymnasium." I must be confused by all the technological terminology.

And where's the bacon?