My Tailgate Grilled Wings

My wings were off the hook last weekend. I had veteran wing eaters coming to me declaring these were the best wing ever. Most folks ate them naked without wing sauce.

So, I wanted to share my recipe with the blogosphere.

Take however many wings you want and wash them. Mine were jointed and there were 120 of them for $16 at Costco.

Then I coat the wings in olive oil and packed them in zip lock bags for the tailgate.

On a Weber 22 inch charcoal grill, build a fire that will cover ½ of the cooking surface. This will create a hot zone and a cool zone.

Now I lay out the wings on a tray and coat both sides lightly with seasoning salt.

What you want to do now is sear the wings all over in the hot zone. It only takes a few minutes in the hot zone to brown the wings.

Next set the wings in the cool zone off of the direct fire and add a few chunks of hickory for some smoke flavor.  I use chunks instead of chips and I do not soak them.

Set them this way for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes they look done now but the aren’t. Rearrange them for even heat and add one more chunk of wood and cook them another 20 minutes.    

Remove them after 40 minutes and let them rest.

The sauce was simple. One stick of better and a few cups of Franks Hot Wing Sauce along with a generous portion of honey and some crushed garlic.

Enjoy. They are lean, tasty, seasoned, not hot but can be with sauce, smokey and there are so many variation possibilities. 

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Ken said...

Must of been a nice day to have naked tailgaters eating your wings.

You kinky sob.

Unknown said...

The Kinky Sobs would be a good name for a band.

sanchez said...

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