Great News

An agent in Durham has confirmed this morning that the coveted Amos N Andy hot dog chili recipe has been secured, and will be delivered to me Sunday.

I can’t wait to get my eyes on the sacred and ancient hot dog scrolls. Apparently there were hot dog scribes and scholars back in what I guess would be the late 1930’s. They not only studied the hot dog sciences, they recorded what I thought was a lost recipe.   

Amos N Andy was a well known and old establishment back in the early 1960’s, so I guess the recipe goes back prior to WWII.

The discovery to me is about as exciting as finding an ant in a chunk of amber is to a scientist.  

I plan to study the recipe and will try and resurrect the flavors of my childhood that I thought was lost for the ages.

This will be fun. 

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Ken said...

Easy boy!

terri said...

First the wings, then grilled pizza, now world famous hot dogs. You need to open a restaurant chain!

Rock Chef said...


So, are you planning to sell the stuff to finance your retirement or will you share the recipe with the world?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I need to authenticate and replicate the chili first. Then I'll decide its fate.

Unknown said...

Yes, I have dreamed of the Hotdog Scrolls...never thinking that they would materialize in my lifetime.
This is akin to the discovery of King Tut's tomb, or the that of the caves in France with the critter pitchers on the walls.

matshorts said...

didn't amos n andy have a skit that went something like...

"hey amos, whatcha doin' up there?"
- "layin linoleum"
"she got a sister?"