The Way I See It

Let's see...he wants to take another half a trillion to save his job from the half of the country that pays taxes, and give it to the half of the country that doesn't pay taxes. This ensures a 50 percent vote for him, and a 50 vote against him. Brilliant!


Ken said...

I see a bunch of pricks throwing half the country under the bus just so they can feel good about getting Obama out in one term.

It's nothing short of treason.

They're paid to do a job for the country, not the (country) club.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Why on earth would you want him another term? I hope a qualified Democrat will challenge.

Unknown said...

I hope there's always beer.

matshorts said...

even though i am registered dem i have always said i would vote whom i think is the best for the job out of the pool of maniac politicians.

i feel the problem is with the republican party being so divided with the tea baggers that watching it on tv it looks like an MTV reality show.

in the end i think it doesn't matter who takes the office, it's getting congress to stop voting on party lines just to stick it on each others' face.