Long Story Short

I just awoke from 12 hours of deep and restful sleep.

On Monday the day of the surgery I waited to see Gigi after an 8 hour successful repair of Gigi’s lower spine. They replaced 3 discs, shaved off bone spurs and arthritis from her spine, then wrapped it all in a wire cage and braced it all with a metal rod. They said there was bone on bone in three places.

We were told it would be 90 minutes in recovery and then I could see her. It was soon 2 hours, then 3, 4, and then we were told that things were not going well and if they couldn’t correct this she would not make it.

I was sent home and they were instructed to call me when she was moved.

Millions of thoughts and emotions came pouring through over the next 12 hours. It was 4 AM and still no call so I called. She had just bee moved to ICU and was stable now.

Tuesday morning at 9 AM I saw her swollen face with a respirator but responsive to me looking out through the slits of her eyes.  I sat by her side and saw her gain strength every hour. The big deal was removing the breathing help so she could breathe on her own.

By afternoon she was drinking and making a few joke but in a great deal of pain. Her incision runs from her shoulder blades to the bottom of her back.

I am so thankful she made it past Monday.  

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Rock Chef said...

Wow, thanks for the update.

Keeping you both in my prayers.

Ken said...

Hell of a hurdle! Glad you guys made it.

Boosie Thomas said...

Thinking and praying for Gigi! Glad she is ok and now recovering. We love you both!!!

Unknown said...

So glad things are looking up.

Hotdogs soon!!

terri said...

I can't imagine the worry and fear you experienced. So glad to hear that Gigi is now on the mend. Keeping her in my prayers.

Teresa said...

Oh my word. That is one heck of a surgery..I must admit that my knees felt weak just reading it. Poor Gigi and the pain she must have been living in! I'm SO GLAD she pulled thru...I've been praying. I'm so happy to hear the good report! Take care!!