Here’s How it Went Down, or a Bachelors Supper

My chili on a classic Oscar Mayer bun length dog….mustard with fresh onions.

The chili was good…a lot of flavors. The dog was okay….really just a delivery vehicle.  The bread needed steaming and was stale even thought it was bought today.

The chili deserved better bread and wiener.  

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Rock Chef said...

At least it all looks good!

My wife tends to buy German sausages for this sort of thing. The tend to be the best ones we can get over here. Some others can be very watery and tasteless.

Any chance of a hint at the chili recipe, or is that Top Secret?

Unknown said...

Yes, a steamned bun is King.

Chili looks sublime.

I prefer a fine dice of onion.

Unknown said...

Only an idiot would spell steamed, "steamned".

matshorts said...

you needed a Hebrew National.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Matt....they are so darn salty.

terri said...

Nice presentation! It LOOKS good, even if some parts of it were lacking.