A Big Deal

Recently I applied, and was accepted to join a team of very experienced divers this summer off of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.   

The dives will be on real wrecks, not just sunken boats. The dives will be very deep, and they recommend decompression.

One dive is an actual cruise ship from the WW1 era. They say one can still find parts of dinnerware and other trinkets on this wreck.

Another is a German U boat submarine sunk in WWII. It is intact and the crew still on board.   

Now I must begin study and training for these dives so I can be safe. I can’t wait.

Here are a list of the places we will attempt diving.

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Ken said...

Cool beans! Wow!
Your going to be one of the "real guys" now!.
Deep sea diver man

Rock Chef said...

Wow, fantastic stuff! Pictures/video, please!