Welcome Home

This is bougainvillea on the island of St Croix. It grows everywhere and blooms year round. I love these flowers.

This is bougainvillea in my back yard that I bought today at Lowes home improvement. It is beautiful too but will die at the first frost.  Welcome to my home bougainvillea. 

I am gay when it comes to bright colors and flowers. 

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Ken said...

Build a plastic "hut" for frost nights. maybe two or three piece, a small ceramic heater and you can hide it behind a shed or something when you don't need it.

Just might be able to keep them!

Unknown said...

I planted some Bougie three years ago and it died in the winter frost. Buth there is lots around here. The key is for it to get established.

Rock Chef said...

You can't argue with a plant that is a vibrant as that!

Try following Ken's advice - would be a shame to lose them.