I Can Now Get On With My Life

Taxes are behind me….they squeezed me for every nickel.

Diving is ahead of me. A weather balloon is somewhere up there too.

You know what? I can now plan…..The NFL schedule is out!

We have a Thursday night game, a Sunday 4 PM game, a Monday night game and another Sunday 4 PM game. The NFL is giving us some well needed respect with these prime time games.

It’s been a few long years since we had any nationally televised games. Now we have at least 4.

I love a home Sunday 4 PM game. It makes for a long day of tailgating and cooking.

Thursday night will be interesting. We have never done a Thursday night home game that I know of. I might need to claim ground late Wednesday so we can get our cars in before the downtown working crowd takes up the parking.  

Now we can begin to plan our fall and I am darn excited. 

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