Dream Flying

I dreamed I was in Courtland, CA to go to a wedding with a friend.

We decided to fly in an old wooden shack, not much bigger than a doll house. The shack had minimal furnishings with open windows and flowing shears.

Since we both knew how to dream fly, it was just a matter of lifting the shack, which was accomplished by a rather large helium balloon.

The wedding was fantastic and there we many exotic animals in attendance including a very large bull India elephant.

I was allowed to fly the shack back home, and I made a perfect landing in the original spot back in Courtland.

As a departing gift, I was handed a gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice, Lots of Pulp.

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Ken said...

That is the coolest flying shack I've ever seen.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

And there were at least two pallets of orange juice.

Rock Chef said...

I wish I had a flying shack!

terri said...

I would need no-pulp O.J. for that to be a good dream!