Weekend Routine

I had a hugely enjoyable time this weekend and never left home (well almost).  The weather turned nice again so I used the opportunity to putter in the yard and enjoy my outdoor space.

This hibiscus is kicking butt. 
Typical Saturday/Sunday….fix a good weekend breakfast, feed livestock, get anything I need at Home Depot and grocery shop and be home by 9 AM. Then some grass mowing, weed trimming, planting, and whatever until a light lunch and a nap.

Around 2 PM I would slip back into the yard work and finish what I started….gradually slipping into beers around 4 PM.

A quick shower and it is time to fire up the grills to prepare supper.

Prep supper and feed the dogs…..check out any sports stuff on the outdoor TV. Cook supper and serve and watch the evening news.

Feed the livestock again and collect eggs. Wash eggs and feed the cat.

Retire to the TV or TV in bed with Gigi. Sleep deeply for 8 hours.


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Unknown said...

Butt-kicking hibiscus are the best.

terri said...

That sounds like a near-perfect weekend!