The Watering Hole

I have a watering hole…a bar that I go to at the end of some work days to have a few drinks.  Normally I take home supper.

It is always a friendly place, and everyone is in a good mood.

Tuesday is a given…I’ll be there….sometimes Wednesday or Thursday but rarely on the weekend.

I have to pay for the privilege of being there, plus the costs of food and drinks. Yet I find the place comfortable and homey. They know what I like, the food is good, and they call me Mr. Hunnicutt.

It is a private club, but not what you imagine. The members are just regular folks that would most likely be outcasts at other private clubs in town. Most members are small business owners like me.

We have a big pool, a golf course, tennis, locker rooms, dinning facilities and this bar. But I mainly go to be at this little bar where everyone knows my name. 

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Ken said...

How can we really be sure you don't wear a suit and tie everyday, Mr. Hunnicutt? I bet they don't even serve Pabst Blue Ribbon. ha ha ha

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They do serve PBRs. No suits in sight. I own one suit that now fits that I bought for a wedding 5 years ago.

Ken said...

This is GREAT news!
I knew it couldn't be true!

Anything I own in relation to a suit and tie is a hand me down, and only Vicky knows what my dress capabilities are. I like it this way!

"that now fits" Congratulations on that! hahaha

terri said...

Sounds like your own personal CHEERS!