Big Red

Bid Red, my 2000 F350 Ford diesel, has seen a lot of active
duty in the past 12 years.  The odometer
sits at 277,000 which proves my point.

Friday, I took the truck in for some preventative maintenance.
I told him to check the brakes and do a brake job if needed, check the complete
suspension and front end and fix anything broken, check the wheel bearings, and
install a new antenna that broke off a few months ago.

I didn’t ask for a quote but was guessing anywhere between
$500 and $1,100 depending on how bad things were. Towing that heavy 5th
wheel can really break down breaks and suspension.

Later that day I got a call to pick it up and it was $187.
Two new heavy duty break pads up front, turned rotors, and an antenna. It feels
and drives like a new truck. Those rotors made me suspect the worse.

I was so happy that I too Big Red to the car day spa for a
complete cleaning. 

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Unknown said...

A good woman.
An old truck.
A three legged dog.

'nuff said.