I was up early getting Gigi's car inspected. She is driving again so the old 1987 4Runner needed an inspection and new tags.

I got home and the horses wanted breakfast....NOW!

I took a photo of the clever redneck heater at the inspection garage. It burned used motor oil and wood. The fan in back pushed the heated air.

This is the lobby of my building. This guy cleans 2 12 story buildings. I give him eggs.

This is a little piece of land I own from St Croix that I keep in my desk. I look at it now and then.

During my afternoon walk. My building is on the right. It was a beautiful day.

Tanner greets me when I get home.

So does Haley. Who need a 4th leg?


Ken said...

That heater looks like something you'd find in Maine.

Unknown said...

Fourth legs are over-rated.