Oh My....this is bad

Real bad. Very bad. I am darn near speechless.

We had a sewer pipe...the main one, burst some time ago. It is located under the house and in the crawl space.

Since it is cold and winter, it has gone unnoticed.

It was noticed by our HVAC guy who did an inspection on Wednesday. We concluded it was just a leaky gray water pipe.

We called the plumber and our worst fears came true. We have a sizable biohazard under our home.

So I call the insurance company and they dispatch a team out of High Point, NC with hazmat suits and they crawled under our house to assess the damages.

They set up blowers and dehumidifiers and will return after they told us what will happen.

This all has to be removed, then dug down until dry dirt is found and taken off site. Then a second inspector will come in to assess any further damage to the foundation, mold, vapor barrier, etc.

Oh well, shit happens.


Ken said...

...and it piles up too!

Rock Chef said...

Nasty! Hope it's not as bad as it sounds...

Unknown said...

Dastardly dookie dilemmas deserve decidedly dramatic decisions.

Dig, disinfect, dislodge, displace, drink beer.

Ken said...

You could of bought a case or two or, maybe three cases of Baking Soda sprinkle heavily, and let begin the absorbing. Might work!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

As lame brained as burning a stump with coal.

Ken said...

Bwhahahaaha Bwhahaaha

Wasn't it YOUR idea?????