Overdid A Bit

So I'm in Nashville, TN and I have been on my feet for two days...or sitting, and my back is crying for help. My leg is numb and my rear hurts.

This is typical inflammation on the surgical site. This is my body telling me to slow down and I will listen.

Today thankfully the agenda today is optional so I'll rest in bed, make some phone calls and generally take it easy. Already in mid morning I am feeling better.

A few video calls back home help to ease the tension. Border Collies are so smart. Who knew Galaxy could operate an iPad.

This morning I also made a Face Time call to Bondovia and chatted with Phfrankie and the lovely Fritz. It was nice to catch up. Phfrankie was preparing for some Godless summer solstice celebration that hippies do. I just knew that fancy yard fireplace was an alter.

Then finally a long chat with my bride Gigi via Face Time. It is so nice to see a familiar face.


Unknown said...

Yes, and on that alter I will sacrifice the virgin Third Pound Links, and the masses will feast on the likes of Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Beer Brats, Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple and Chicken Teqila Lime sausages.

Oh, yes.

And the Gods will be pleased.

Ken said...

I'm flying in with the super-moon, look for me!