The Weekend

I went to Costco and bought essentials.

I found out there is such a thing as a saber tooth Deer. Look it up, it is real. A Chinese Water Deer or something like that.

I got all nostalgic thinking about my old friend Peaches. I miss her silliness.

But I have Haley and 4 more great dogs.

I am using my wagon to save my back. I just pull the bags off the seat and they fall into the wagon. Then I roll it to the barn.

I then hand scoop the grain in the container. I am talking care of my back.

We have had waaaaaaaaay too much rain. More is on the way.


Unknown said...

Excellent blogging, sir.

I am richer now. Somehow.

Ken said...

This is all good, good news. You are rapidly entering into the fuddy duddy realm of older folk with grace, dignity and plenty of dogs. You are truly blessed!

Rock Chef said...

Glad you are finding ways to keep going while being kind to your back!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

There m,ust be a fuddy duddy app for my iPhone.