I didn't really think about Nashville all that much because I don't care for country music, camo, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, line dancing, etc. But the culture does intersect mine by way of BBQ pork, whisky, and southern food.

Keep in mind I am at a tourist destination right at Opreyland so the real Nashville may be far different.

Folks around here are allowed to practice their redneckness without fear of being racist because there is virtually no one to be offended. This town is 99% Caucasian. White folks openly being white is something I am not accustomed to seeing. Back home we have to make shelf space for a wide diversity of cultures, black, hispanic, asian, and various other smaller groups.

Cracker Barrel this morning looked like The Duck Dynasty. Hairy overweight white folk with ball caps were everywhere.

We did get out briefly last night and went in one of the many clubs where a very good band was playing.


Ken said...

The real Nashville is on Broadway. From the river, 1st street up to 5th. A block or two all around, that's honky-tonk and what I think most would call, the "real" Nashville music scene.