On Getting Old

I started my current vocation in 1984 when I was 28.....a snotty nose kid by my current standards. My target client age then was my current age...a pre-retirement market. I am soon to be 57. 

Fast forward 29 years and all these folks are getting mighty old. I know them all very well. I have seen them have kids through college, get married, and have grand children. 

They have also become old and feeble. They have also become dependent on the snotty nosed kid for near death advice. I have become a comforter in bad times, and more of an expert in affairs of the elderly. 

I have at least one client most any time in Hospice where we are racing to the inevitable to get their affairs in order. People live in denial of death until the outcome is obvious. 

Somehow I embrace this new role. It is so different than it was 29 years ago. 

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Ken said...

I thought your current vocation was, mental vacation.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I am smarter than I look.

Unknown said...

It's that third eye.