Just a Few More Days

And I'll be 57. If you need last minute shopping ideas just private message me. 

Knock on wood and i'll be through the dreaded 56 where most Hunnicutt men take a big down turn that leads to assuming room temperature. 

Hopefully my back was my big medical event. 

I will be in Nashville, TN on my birthday. Can anyone suggest any don't miss honkey tonks?

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Unknown said...

The one block section of Downtown is where ALL the honktytonks are...about a dozen of 'em...you can hit 'em all in one evening...and they are all worth going into.

PBR for $1.00!!!

I have the envy.

Rock Chef said...

Have fun on the trip - and good luck on making 57!!!!!

Ken said...

Passing through or flying over?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Flying over.

terri said...

Happy almost Birthday!

I think you work hard at taking care of yourself and so you're unlikely to suffer the same fate as previous Hunnicutt men.