Affordable Health Care

Yesterday I went to the doctor for laughs and giggles, and to keep my wife company. Before I knew it I was being dragged back to the exam room where Gigi had been for the past half hour.

Waiting for me was a was a shot for shingles and instructions on what medical inoculations I should get and any procedures I should have before the federal plan kicks in next year.

It seems on demand things like tetanus shots, whooping cough shots, shingles shots, hepatitis shots and colon scans will not be a decision you and your doctor make in the future. There will be federal procedures to follow. Who knows what else?

I was truly surprised.

This is how the feds will make it affordable?


Unknown said...

Remains to be seen. The proof is in the pudding.

Ken said...

Talking to Canadians today and they scoff at the bad press a particular party in America spews how bad it could be.
Yes the proof will be in the pudding.