Altered Cherries

I had a bit of moon shine building up so I decided to use it creatively but replacing the juice in a jar of merichino cherries with moon shine. Straight old corn squeezings rocket fuel. They should be quite done by football season.

Also, I am looking for some pickled eggs and penrose sausages for good luck charms in the fall. Last time I had pickled eggs around we went 12 and 4 and into the post season. That was 2008.


Ken said...

Cherry bombs!

Unknown said...

I have been told that Life's a holiday on Penrose Lane..

Perhaps you could start by looking there for your sausages.

Unknown said...

Hello Wreggie!! I have the recipe for the original Amos & Andy chili. I grew up on their hotdogs.
Ruined me for anyone else's chili.