Music Scene

Both nights we hit the music areas for a few hours. Most of the clubs are concentrated in a few blocks. The streets are full of folks parading around in their cowboy boots and hats.

Most of the clubs were tiny and the beer flowed. All had a good live band playing country music.

My problem is while I like music, my head can't take but so much percussion in such a confined place at a time. 12 hours later I still have a dull headache.

We decided on some ribs while in town and settled on Rippy's because they claimed to have the best. They had cool tee shirts too that said, "Pull my pork and I'll rub your butt".

We ordered a half rack with slaw and beans and a beer to wash it all down.

About that time there was a shift change. We tipped the girl leaving even though we hadn't paid.

Then enters the night shift and God gift to bar maids. She is the woman in red and she thought she was the hottest thing to hit Nashville.

My buddy and I became invisible because all the staff and regulars were joking and swooning over this girl. She never asked us anything or acknowledge our presence. Both of us wanted another beer but we couldn't flag her down.

I went to the bathroom to wash rub stuff off my hands (yes they were wonderful) while my buddy was in charge of paying. I came out and stood nearby because my back was hurting and he went in to wash up. Immediately our spot was cleared and two new people were in our seats.

We left assuming we had paid when neither of us had paid.


Ken said...

Mental note: check shift changes in busy restaurants and plan accordingly.