A Shocker

My Captain on the dive boat of preference had the big one yesterday.... a widow maker. Killed over with two block arteries.

Now old Scott Cook is a fine man indeed. We talked at length last February about the Three Stooges and the new movie last year.

After a bout of chest pain they took him to the St Croix hospital where he kilt over. CPR and shocks brought him back. 6 minutes he was dead.

It seems the stint department was out of business so they fly him to St Thomas where he got two stints.

Broken ribs and two stints later he lives another day.

Count your blessings.


Rock Chef said...

Glad they pulled him through! Seems to be a bad time right now...

Ken said...

6 minutes through the pearly gates is a long time, he may not be the same man you once knew.
Sure, I'm counting.

Unknown said...

But he'll never get a stint with the Three Stooges.