Here I sit, contemplating another blog post and I realize fall is soon upon us. My summer was wasted largely in bed and recovery and ruined further by relentless rain.

We have traveled very little this season.

This morning I am banged up sore from my fall. This is good pain. I have always like muscular banged up pain even though it hurts. It makes me feel human and alive.

This weekend there is the PGA Championship on TV, and NFL from Thursday until Sunday. That'll keep me occupied.

I will be attending our first preseason Game against Chicago and tailgating lite with friends.

For those keeping score, it is 185 days to St Croix. I still have a lot of healing to do.


Unknown said...

Where did you find that pic of Ken when he was just a wee blogger?

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Good pain? Hmmm
Maybe you might enjoy.....

I found this because the scissors I was buying, showed this as something others bought also.....hmm

The internet can truly surprise you when least expecting it!