Football Prayer

Oh Great Spirit, for thou art hot. I approachith your stream of plenty with other woodland creatures asking for your blessing upon the coming Panther Season. Hear me oh smoking hot spirit. (I figure compliments can't hurt).

We needith another consistent wide receiver or even two on account that Steve Smith is getting old.

Steady the mind and soul of Cam cause we know he has the talent. Let us run the ball. Steady our offensive line.

Thank you for what I think will be a dandy defense.

Watch over special teams, a few kick off returns for a score would prove your power. Please make this occur in the regular season when it counts.

Please bring back Bill Razinski on the radio play by play....we have long suffered from Mic Mixion.

As always, let Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New England falter.....epically in the wildcard weekend if possible.

May we beat New England on Monday night football and go deep in the playoffs.



Unknown said...

I like a good hot God.

Ken said...

Most definitely, I'm agnostic to hot football God's.