its Over

A judge said so in New York City said so. A yankee judge is better in racial affairs you know.

The lynching of Paula Deen is over y'all.

You little chirrens can go home now. Nothing here.

Mean old white lady. At least she was stripped of her career, and made a fool on NBC Today. That will have to do lynch mob.


Unknown said...

Oh, no....there is more lynching yet to come.

Crying shame what has been done to that woman.

Butter sales will go down now, too.

Unknown said...

What? Nobody got nothin' to say about Paula Deen?

Me 'n' her go waaaaaaay back.

I would like to go to her house for some BBQ.

Ken said...

Stoopid story, nothing really! She got screwed for sure. The thing is, if you look at U.S. lynching history, there were 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968. Mostly in the south and the wild west. The way I look at it, I'd bet it was a high percentage of those white boys who got lynched were really bad mother fuckers getting lynched by white guys. And a very small percentage of all those blacks who were lynched were really bad men. I'd guess they were mostly victims of bad ass white boys just in it for the FUN! Paula Dean in no way deserved what happened to her, but there's many a man in this country right now that in my opinion still just might deserve a proper lynching. JMHYO