My iPad

My online world pretty much consists of my 64 GB iPad 2. I am in love with it. I bought a Logitech keyboard for it that acts as a protective case yet still allows me to admire the bare for and structure of the iPad device.

Here is what I don't like....web sites that optimize for iPad browsing like we need help or are inferior or something compared to a PC. I'll take my web page like everyone else thankyouverymuch. I don't want your stinking mobile web site.

It is a bitch to print. I had to buy a special printer for home so I can print boarding passes. At work the iPad prints to my regular printer with the assist of some Mac software.

Yet I Jones for retina display, a better camera for scanning, more powerful processor so I'll be upgrading on the next cycle.

Let me point out a neat weather app I discovered from a friend at work. The Weather Bug has a lightening strike detector. This is as close as the storm got to me last night. Free at the App Store.


Unknown said...

What is this thing called "storm"??

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They come everyday and dump about 3/4 inches of rain.