Week In Review

Yes, I can play a limited game of golf again. Easy strokes, no body twist and I hit them shorter but more straight.

Scored a 72 Steel tank yesterday. These are perfect for side mount diving. Steel is a big deal because of the buoyancy characteristics. They haven't made 72 steel tanks in years so it is rare to get your hands on one. I have another in the garage that need internal cleaning and that makes a pair.

I'm thawing some steaks for tonight that I froze in June in my fancy vacuum thingy. They look as good as the day they were frozen.

The home grown tomatoes are all gone. Supper and breakfast consumed these tasty treats.


Ken said...

A 72? What was par for the course?

Rock Chef said...

Glad you ate the tomatoes before they went past their best.

terri said...

I'll bet it felt good to get out on the golf course again.

Congrats on the new tank!

We're busy eating tomatoes here too. As fast as we can eat them, more ripen to replace the ones we ate. Our cherry tomatoes are phenomenal this year too.