Great News

While the world turns, and Obama slowly changes from Jimmi Cawduh to George W with WMDs....the markets sell off in fear waiting for missiles to fly from a man who said he could negotiate foreign policy...all of this is out of my control.....a silver lining.

Within miles of my house, a shiny new Bojangles is rising from the chaos. Oh sweet country ham biscuits! Mine, all mine.


Unknown said...

Say "ham biscuits" again.

Ken said...

Haven't they all except Jimmi Cawduh jumped the gun to be a world cop?

Reagan - Invaded Granada, Hollywood tough guy.
Bush - "Operation Just Cause" Invaded Panama etc.
Clinton - Kosovo Bombardment of Yugoslavia
Bush W - Iraq Nightmare, the real idiot!
Obama - Still trying to stay cool!

I want mine next time with eggs on top!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ahhh....Jimmi went into Iran in a forgettable screw up and blew up our own shit. Funny guy he was. Now just an old grouchy ass hole. Bet he loves country ham.