4 Things Buggin' Me

1)I don’t like the word angler. Oh the word is fine but it should have nothing to do with a fisherman. The word sounds far too sophisticated in describing bait stinky, beer guzzling fishermen.

An angler should be a specialized area of study in geometry.

2)I get miffed when I click on a web link and it says it’s under construction. No it’s not. Write some damn content, the page has been built and formatted. You my dear friend were too lazy to finish writing the content. Under construction my big ass.

3)I ate a steak last night and I feel like a python that ate a pig. I rarely eat red meat. It was delicious but goodness Wreg, when can we expect to digest this meal? Are we getting too old for a steak?

4)Our waste service just started recycling. They raised our prices, gave me a tiny plastic bin, and expect me to sort and wash my garbage.

God knows I love the planet, animals, women and children but I loath washing and sorting my garbage. Its garbage, bury it and cover it with dirt and build a municipal golf course over it. Don’t make me wash it and pick through it.

What the hell are they going to do with Little Friskies cat food cans and beer bottles?


mr zig said...

The "under construction" thing makes me mad as well... I HATE seeing that.

As for washing garbage, well that sucks!

Alyssa said...

you have to wash your recycling???

Hmmm... I wonder if we're supposed to be doing that too... We just chuck whatever plastic or paper we have in our blue bin for recycling - no sorting OR washing.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The problem is that if you gave a empty can of dog food, then there is some residual food left in the can that will draw ants or begin to stink if left inside, or draw other dogs and ants and stink if left outside.

You Alyssa have the luxury of sub zero weather so this is not a concern for you this time of year. No ants, no spoilage, and few wondering dogs away from their master's heaters.

Our solution is to rinse empty soda cans, wash dog food cans and cat food cans so we can store them outside without stink or pests.

Jay said...

Angler is kind of a weird word. Good old boys are into finding fancy words to describe themselves with.

We don't do recycling around here. It was put up for a vote and the locals thought it would make us too much like them European Socialists. So they voted it down.

Doc said...

I think that I agree with you on the angler. Maybe some kind of architect or something... under constrution is a sign of either laziness or lack of funds and I am still waiting for them to start recycling in Kannapolis

Michael said...

Wreg, wouldn't you have to rise out the cans and stuff to keep from attracting critters whether it's going on the garbage or in the recycling bin? What's the difference? Now you just have a different container for recyclables.

We have very limited recycling opportunities down here, but the St. Croix Recycling Association is trying to change that. Its a big task, but they're trying to go about it the right way. Rather than mandate recycling, then figure out what to do with it, they're working with industries that produce the most recyclable waste and helping to develop an infrastructure to actually utilize the materials in a productive manner. But its still in its infancy.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael...for garbage we have the nice big roll out cans with a flip down lid like you do. It keeps varmints out. Plus it is stored outside away from smelling noses.

The recycle container is about the size of a bankers box without a lid. A dog could haul the whole thing away or just use it as a buffet.

I'm doing the right thing...I just hate the effort and hate paying more for the effort.

I'm ruint.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I never understood the word "angler." What does it have to do with fishing? I'm a fisherwoman!

We have been recycling for years. First they gave us a little rectangle bin and we had to sort cans from bottles from newspaper and put each in its own paper bag. Now we have a barrel identical to our trash barrel and we just throw it in and they sort it. But they do ask that we rinse out cans and bottles.

I just read your steak story to Mark and we both laughed our butts off.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri...I got a massage this afternoon and felt like a hog on butcher paper getting rubbed down with salt and pepper.

Michael said...

I see what you mean about the little bitty container. Why aren't they a little more optimistic about the volume of recyclables vs worthless garbage and give you the same type container for both, just vary the colors or something. Its these back-assward recycling measures that give real environmental efforts a bad image.

Oh, and I forgot about angler, to me the word sounds more sinister, like someone trying to find just the right angle. Maybe its just my encounter with sleaze today.

Amos said...

Amen Brother! Although I think of an Angler as a Fly Fisherman, just sounds like the "professional" word for them, I guess.

And as I am reading this post I have one to add. It bugs the crap out of me to call my cell phone company and get someone who speaks Indian or some other non-recognizable language. Why do I have to make them repeat my confirmation code like 6 times? Because I can't understand you idiots! I am on the band wagon with you brother!

Stacy said...

our garbage service tried that a long time ago. Didn't work out.

Jahooni said...

ruff ruff ruff ;)~