Day...I lost Count

I must say I have been missing reading all of my regular blogs since I have been on vacation.

Last night we all met at the wine club and sampled fantastic food and wine. Then we headed to another beachside restaurant for a friendly dinner.

Michael and Terry are so hospitable. Everywhere we go Michael has this mobile bar set up. They know lots of fun people and lots of fun things to do. I think I am wearing out my guests with all the activities.

Today we headed to the west end of the island and plopped out on the beach at the Sunset Grill. Michael brought his bar and we brought ours.

We then began to swim, lie out, and boat in M and T’s kayak.

We ate a leisurely lunch at the open café, and cracked open some coconuts to mix drinks.

Tonight we are headed to my favorite place in the hemisphere, Restaurant Bacchus. It’s two for one wine night and Gigi will be driving us home.


Liv said...

you guys are too beautiful together!

Anonymous said...

As much as you might miss keeping up with all the blogs.... RESIST! Enjoy every minute of your vacation. I was thinking about you today and the fact that it's Wednesday already, so don't spend your precious vacation time on the internet any more than you have to. Besides, I can sum up what's going on in the blog world: Winter, snow, work, being sick (oh and some people are moving.) Nothing will have changed when you get back.

Jahooni said...

This is making me count down to my 10 year wedding Anniversary in May. You both look relaxed, fresh and happy.
Have a great time... jealous, who me? No not a bit! ;-) *cough*

Stacy said...

have fun

Doc said...

You sound like you are seriously enjoying yourselves... Have some fun for me while you are at it.