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I’d like to wish a happy birthday today to Testicules, my red Jeep Wrangler. It has been a year since I bought that warn out looking Jeep, on that cold, rainy night.

In a year I have completely rebuilt the interior, new seats, sprayed the metal with Rhino Liner, new radio and speakers, new convertible top hardware, various do-dads, lifted the Jeep 2 inches, new wheels, new tires, had the paint polished, tune up, chromed the grill and added various shiny parts and exterior mirrors and lights.

And oh have we bonded, that Jeep and I. I love driving that loud rattletrap. I guess it’s a middle age thing. It makes me feel carefree when I drive. It puts me back outdoors.

This year I have two exterior mirrors that I can attach to the door hinges that will allow me to be legal when I take the doors off. I also bought a bikini see thru top that will help a bit when it is very sunny and hot.

I also have bought another super fun accessory that will fit nicely on the roof rack. Last night I ordered a 10 foot Porta-Bote and a 5 HP outboard motor.

This little boat collapses to the size of a surf board and can be stored on my Jeep’s roof rack. I plan to make a wooden front or rear bumper to attach the outboard motor for transport.

I would never have believed this boat would work unless I had seen Michael and Terry’s in action down in St Croix. It was very seaworthy and very fun.

Now I wait for delivery and day dream about running around the backwaters, waterways and island hopping the various places we visit in our RV during the summer.


TerryC said...

Happy Birthday Testicules!

And congratulations, Wreg, on becoming a "fugly boat" owner!

TerryC said...
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Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you! The motor should arrive in a week or so. It's a 4 stroke huh?

The boat will be shipped motor freight and should be in from CA in three weeks.

Then there is the testing and engine break in. I'll be at Baden lake a few nice days with my favorite girl and a dog putting the boat through the maneuvers.

Plus I need to register the darn thing and get the lettering. An STX sticker on the back and Origami II will be ready for duty.

Ha! I said duty!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Testicules! They grow up so fast, don't they? He sure has grown into a handsome thing.

Your new boat sounds like a blast! I hope you'll post pictures. I want to see what this thing looks like.

Stacy said...

you sound just like my hubs. He would trade me for that truck of his.... Only i have certain talents it can't do. That's why he keeps me. ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes, a good woman and a good dog usually win out. I am a very lucky man, I have 4 great dogs!

Jay said...

I can't wait to see video of this boat in action.

Liv said...

Damn it, Wreg, your life is too good.

and NOW you have a blog signature???


Peach Pod said...

Love the new signature!!!

Kuckie said...

The bond between you and your jeep is truly amazing!!! You are cracking me up!! ;0)