Wheels Up!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying out of Charlotte, NC.

One thing I like about flying to a small tropical airport is you get to disembark on the tarmac. No impersonal jet way tunnels, they push up a big old set of stairs to the plane. You have to wait too if another plane is using the one set of stairs.

As I walk out I then can pretend that I, President Hunnicutt and First Lady Gigi are standing at the top of the stairs waving at the adoring crowd gathered. Military guards stand at attention at the bottom of the stairs.

Upon descending the stairs I mentally become Pope Wreggie and fight the urge to actually kneel down and kiss the ground.

Then I become regular ol’ Reggie and follow the little stocky black woman to the luggage area.

It is so exciting to drive on the left hand side of the road. It’s kind of like walking around your backyard naked. It is fun and exhilarating but feels weird.

For those who want to watch may vacation along with me you might go to The Harbor Cam. I will definitely be there hanging out and calling back home. Plus I'll upload a few videos and lots of pictures.

Send your phone number via email and I'll call you from the cam.


Anonymous said...

Oh HAVE FUN! I'll watch the web cam for you and get all psyched up if I catch a glimpse of you. What color swim trunks am I watching for now? I can't remember anything except that the yellow ones are not going. (Are you sure that's the right decision? They'd be SO visible on the cam!)

Jay said...

Dude, do you think you could hold up a sign when you are in front of that cam? That would be fun.

I have a friend in Holland who went and sat on a park bench in front of a webcam and waved at me at a designated time. It was pretty funny.

Of course, I forgot to get a screen capture so that moment will only live in my memory, but still, fun stuff.

Anyway, have a great flight. And I say go ahead and kiss the ground if you want.

Stacy said...

do you walk in your back yard naked a lot

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No, not at all but I can imagine it would be exhilarating yet feel wrong.

TerryC said...

President Pope dude!

What about the "Captain Stubble" persona?

You'll need to be swashbuckling when you get off that vessel!

TerryC said...


Michael said...

Uh Oh. Terry is faceless (at least for us down here, her blogger picture is missing).

Jay - there are signs available at the harbor cam. Which one do you want him to hold up? "Wish you were here?" "Hi Mom?" "Just Married!" "It's 85 and sunny where I am, how about you?"

Or the infamous "Welcome President Hunnicutt"?