A Final Few Photos For Now

Ain't Gigi purdy? I married up.

On the deck of the villa.

Sit down shut up! On the boardwalk in Christiansted. I watched the opening NFL game of the season back in September at that little bar in the background.

Judy and I at the web cam bench.

Lettering the boat "Origami".


Michael said...

I see you're makin' up for lost blogging time - three posts in one day! Some great Kodak moments there. I like the one from Divi in the previous post too. I finally got pics up on Terry's post about our Wednesday West Coast Adventure. Eventually I'll get to posting about the Mardi Croix parade from over a week ago. Better Nate than lever.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Gigi's a doll. Love the color and sun in your pictures. Almost makes me feel like I'm there for the moment.