Ode to Vacation

Someone played a dirty trick,
And shrunk my britches, just a bit.

Two days ago I was carefree and riding in a Jeep,
Now I face my desk with papers, piled in a heap.

Oh I miss the sun, the flowers, and friends,
But I need to stay here a while though, and let my innards cleanse.

The fun we had riding in the back of the truck, the entire crew,
Roaming the hills together and looking at the ocean, all Tidy Bowl blue.

It is so necessary for my memories to abate,
It is now that I so desperately need so much to concentrate.

Island I love, I will see you again soon,
It is not my intent to visit, once in a blue moon.


mr zig said...

reggie... the poet! I didn't know! -(I enjoyed that... it made me feel the need for a vacation)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!

Jahooni said...

I have been gone. And sick. And I must go back to see everything that you did that I didn't DO! Brat. Slap.
Thanks for rubbing it in too.

Very nice poem I guess... ;-)