Tip of the Month

Zig and others listen up.

I have found a way to convert a shitty, useless gift from a place you rarely shop, to a portable and useful gift, personalized just for you.

“Oh wise Wreggie, how do you do this?” you might ask.

Let’s say my nephew gives me an Old Spice Gift pack for Christmas. You know with cheap after shave, soap on a rope, etc.

Rather than just let it sit in the closet waiting to be thrown out, I now take it to Wal-Mart and get money back as a gift card since I don’t have the receipt.

Now, rather than have a useless box of man soap, I now have a useless Wal-Mart gift card in my wallet worth $12.99.

But wait. Walk over to most any end cap and pick up an iTunes card and pay for it with your newly acquired gift card. You may have to round up to the next denomination.

Now you have tunes you will own and enjoy for life. I manage to keep a credit going at the iTunes store using this method.


Anonymous said...

THANKS for that advice! I have a useless Wal Mart gift card that's been in my purse for 2 years. I just don't usually shop there. But an itunes gift card is something I can definitely use!

Jay said...

That is very clever. If your nephew wasn't so cheap and gave you more expensive stuff, like worth $50, you could SELL the gift card for like $40 to somebody on the street. That person could then give that gift card as a gift and the person who gets it will never realize how cheap the guy was.

But iTunes is a good idea too.

Anonymous said...

Your nephew huh? I would never get you a shitty gift like that! Ha ha

We actually got a publix gift card at work for Christmas and I took it and bought a best buy card!

Looks like great minds think alike!

mr zig said...

That is a GREAT idea!!!! Now I just need to find a reason for people to send me gifts! (Hey, uh... today is the start of a less busy week for me... you should ALL send me gifts in celebration thereof! I don't care what it is!) hehe -

That is seriously like the best idea ever! I can't wait until I can do that!

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip... wait a sec, we don't have a Walmart! We're still in the dark ages, we have a K-Mart. Its like pulling teeth to get any refund from K-Mart, even with a receipt, and if you succeed, all you get is K-Mart gift card. I didn't see any end-caps, or whatever, handing out cool iTunes cards for crappy K-cards last time i was there. Thanks for rubbin' it in Wreg :(