Boat Lust, but I Got to Meet with my Dad

Ever since I went out on the now famous Origami to Buck Island Adventure of 07, I have had boat lust in my heart.

Nothing fancy, just a little boat with a capable outboard motor that I could use to ride around in the intercoastal waterway and maybe take it to Jekyll Island to explore the tidal creeks.

When I was a child my father had a boat like I want. It was a 14 foot bare hull fiberglass boat with a 5HP Johnson Seahorse motor. I can still smell the exhaust in my mind.

We had many hours of fun with this boat in the back waters of Cherry Grove Beach, SC and Morehead City, NC.

Last night I dreamed we still had the boat and that my father and mother decided to give me the boat since it was in storage.

I then realized I was talking to my father who has been dead more than 25 years. I could barely keep my composure at seeing him.

I have this stupid dream rule that I cannot bring up the fact that a dead person is dead in a dream, or they will go away. So I had to act cool around my dad so he wouldn’t know I knew he was dead, and he could then stick around and chat.

Anyway, I got the boat and spent time with my dad. It was a good dream.


Jay said...

I've had similar dreams since my dad died 11 years ago. Dreams that we would be out on his Ranger bass boat fishing on Bull Shoals lake. Other times we're trout fishing from the bank of the White River.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you have rules you have to follow in your dreams, and you manage to follow them! Sounds like a great dream.

Ali said...

Ooh, excellent dream - getting to hang out with your dad.

But I'm with Terri, how do you manage to stick to rules in your dreams? You must have amazing self discipline ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I don't realize I am dreaming at the time. I didn't make up the rules, it is just the natural order to me to ignore the fact that dead folks are dead or they will have to leave.

I guess it started 25 years ago when I used to dream a lot about my dad and he had just died.

He would leave when I asked him about being dead so now I just act like I don't know he is dead so he will stick around.

Doc said...

Your post just brought back my boat lust

Jahooni said...

this made me wish i had that father figure in my life... boo hoo, i am crying again. pass the tissue.

Anonymous said...

I am the same way. When I dream about dead people I don't want to mention that they are dead.
I have fond memeories of that boat as well. Daddy got a look on his face of total contentment when he was driving that little boat through the channels. I remember a picture of him driving that boat. I will have to get Mother to look for it. I would love to do a painting of him driving that boat!

Judy said...

I don't know why my post came up anonymous. It was me, Judy.