Flipper Failure

I was plagued with wardrobe, accessory, and flipper malfunctions last week.

First, my favorite sunglasses must have slipped on and off my big old head a few times too many. Mid week the right side of my sunglasses just broke in two exposing two big puffy blood shot eyes for the world to see.

Liv had warned me back in the summer that a good pair of sunglass would hide a multitude of sins and she was right.

Loosing my sunglasses was the equivalent to pulling the mask off of Darth Vader. I quickly ran out to the dive shop for a new pair.

Yesterday I took the broken sunglasses back to West Marine here in Charlotte and the lady replaced them. I bought a new pair of flip flops while I was there.

Even worse last week was downright flipper failure while I was 1/3 mile from shore.

I was headed offshore from the Sunset Grill just paddling along looking at the bottom. I typically use only my legs to glide this chiseled body through the water.

Michael had warned me several times that I should incorporate my upper body when swimming. I figured if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Well it broke.

Within 2 minutes both of my flippers tore away from my feet and I was left 1/3 of a mile off shore with regular human feet and hands to swim in to safety.

I got back okay but I was very tired from the exertion.

Again, off the dive shop for new flippers.


Anonymous said...

At least now you'll be all set for the next trip!

Liv said...

ah! the sage words of la liv hit the internets again...


btw, i got some pretty rockin' new red chanels this fall!!!

Jay said...

So if one flipper malfunctioned would you end up swimming in circles?

Always gotta have a pair of backup axillary emergency sunglasses.

MELackey said...

You said wardrobe, accessory, and flipper malfunction. The sunglasses are the accessory, what was the wardrobe malfunction? You didn't shed the yellow suit while swimming did you?

Ali said...

One question: Just how fast were you booking it through the water to blow not one, but BOTH flippers?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Melacky, I had a zipper malfunction mid flight on my convertible pants. I was able to recover.

Ali, I clip along at full speed. These flippers had three trips down to the island on them, maybe more, so flipper fatigue was immanent. I bought some newer stiffer flippers that should hold up better and give me more speed. I haven't used them yet but they are waiting for me.

itsbish said...

Southern yes...Gentleman maybe.

Scent marking is much more difficult than it used to be.

my pet peeve word is up

why do we close up,clean up, wash up? why not just clean,wash and close. Off to SXM in june Bish

TerryC said...

What kind (brand) of flippers did you have?

20+ years ago, I bought "el cheapo" fins (the black rubber kind) and used them for over 10 (maybe even 15) years. I even worked on the Buck Island charter boats with them. Got a ton of mileage out of those babies.

What's up with the ones you got?

Mason said...

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